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-August 4, 2008 - EZ won the Nacht von Hannover, a post-Tour criterium, on August 1, edging out former world champion Mario Cipollini.  It was his forth career victory in that race, the first of which came in 1997.  Here is a nice picture of the sprint.

-May 12, 2008 - Zabel took second behind Daniele Bennati on stage 3, coming close to taking his first ever Giro stage victory.  Click
here for pictures from the stage.  Also, EZ took a stage of the Vuelta a la Comunidad Valenciana earlier this year.  Yeah!

-October 2, 2007 - It looks like Zabel may be going back to T-Mobile next year after only two seasons with Team Milram.  The plan, so it seems, is for him to act as a mentor to up-and-coming sprinter Gerald Ciolek.  Anyway, look for a Zabel victory in Paris-Tours!

-September 7, 2007 - Zabel wins!  EZ took the 7th stage of the Vuelta, beating out Allan Davis and World Champion Paolo Bettini.  Zabel was part of a group of about 12 riders who escaped a crash with 2km to go.  Davis thought he had the win and began to celebrate, only to find out that Zabel had just beaten him on the line.  Click here for pictures from the stage.

-August 12, 2007 - Yes!!!!!!!!!!! EZ won stage 3 of the D-Tour, his 13th career win in his home race.  And now he has the points jersey!

-July 29, 2007 - Well, the end of another Tour.  Zabel finished 3rd on the final stage, won by Daniele Bennati, and ended up 3rd in the points classification behind Boonen and Hunter.  A good overall performance, and one day in green is not bad...

-July 20, 2007 - So close!  EZ finished 2nd in today's stage, coming in behind current points leader Tom Boonen.  Zabel now sits 3rd in the points standings, 21 points behind Boonen and a single point behind yesterday's winner Robert Hunter.  Speaking of yesterday, EZ was lucky that Boonen was held up by a crash.  Zabel was not in the first group to finish and could have lost a lot of points.  But right now he is still in contention for the green jersey!

-July 18, 2007 - Zabel finished 16th today, losing 3 more points to Boonen.  Boonen now leads EZ by 16 points in the battle for the green jersey, but this could quickly turn around following tomorrow's very flat stage.  Look for a bunch sprint and hopefully a Zabel victory.

-July 14, 2007 - EZ lost two more points to Boonen on today's stage, which was won by Linus Gerdemann.  Maybe he can gain some points back tomorrow.

-July 13, 2007 - Well, not such a great day.  Boonen has won stage 6 and reclaimed the green jersey, taking an 11 point lead ahead of Zabel.  But even worse, it has been announced that EZ will be stripped of his 1996 Tour green points jersey.  Though this is sad news, I guess it may be the right thing to do.  The important thing is that Zabel admitted his mistake... Anyway, you would think they would have to strip Richard Virenque of some of his pre-scandal polka-dot jerseys.  Please send me your comments.

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